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Harmony and Discord (Genyatta)
Sitting quietly beside his master, Genji peered at the other inhabitants in the small hospital room. Zenyatta insisted he meditate, and Genji really tried to sit and pray, but it proved undoable once again. He was never able to sit still in thought long enough, but he possessed the ability to stay silent. 
The only noise in the room consisted of breathing and soft hums from Zenyatta, who seemed to be deep in meditation. The nine lights on his forehead beamed comfortingly as his floating figure remained relaxed, yet firm. He indulged in this state often, and Genji never understood how he could do it so easily.
The cyborg's eyes drifted to the bed sitting in the middle of the room. On the left edge, an old couple kneeled in deep prayer, too. The right resided of Zenyatta and Genji, whom the couple called upon to come and meditate for their son. Laying on the bed with fatal sickness, the young boy of the elderly.
Genji admired the boy from behind his visor. Exceptionally pale, probab
:iconvelvetkitteh:velvetkitteh 34 0
Genyatta Cherrys by KaeruMiJi Genyatta Cherrys :iconkaerumiji:KaeruMiJi 33 6 Overwatch Genyatta by Oni-Boi Overwatch Genyatta :icononi-boi:Oni-Boi 44 2
Angsty Dragons
"Genji!" Zenyatta's voice rang in his ears as the cyborg's world spun, his visor flickering from damage with a red warning sign flashing in his vision, alerting of injury and overheating. His internal fans failed to cool his overworked body. Genji, unable to comprehend what happened, found his vision blackening. One knee buckled, then the other. Genji's sword fell from his loose grip, and he collapsed as the team swarmed him.
"Genji!" The omnic's voice echoed as the world darkened.
Monotonous beeping awoke him. Slowly, numbness creeped through his limbs, whatever Hanzo spared of them. Flexing a robotic finger, Genji found the strength to open his eyes. A heart monitor irritated his ears, bright light seared his inexperienced sight. He groaned in discomfort.
His cybernetic armor lacked presence in the white room he resided. As he glanced around to assess where he inhabited, Genji frowned once he noticed another figure leaning against he doorframe, watching over him.
"That was foolis
:iconvelvetkitteh:velvetkitteh 56 6
Walk in Harmony (Genyatta/Zenji)
"Ah, Genji, may I accompany you today?" Zenyatta asked briefly after spilling a list of errands he sent his pupil to attend, a common occurrence in their mutuality.
"Master, I believe I will be fine on my own. And, you know how people treat omnics," Genji tried not to sound concerned, but he couldn't risk his mentor being harmed in public. It was different during missions. They had each other's backs, and a squad of members to protect them. In public, one wrong move caused a convergence of hostility and panic, especially if the disturbance is created by an omnic. Genji learned to weather the stares and verbal abuses when he ran his errands for Zenyatta, but he could not bear to see his master in the same position.
Zenyatta persisted. "It's our last day in Hanamura until we leave for Nepal. I would be pleased if you show me around your homeland,"
The words plucked at strings in Genji's heart. Homeland. Hanamura was his home, where his brother, Hanzo, and he grew up together, then came a
:iconvelvetkitteh:velvetkitteh 35 1
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Vin 🍬
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Because I'm too lazy to do anything productive today so I might as well share a few things about me lol

Tagged by SuperHetaFangirl98

1.Imma probably start a war but.... How do you feel about Trump?
Not nice face. If some politician doesn't have mustache or beard I don't like him

2.What...Is...Your OTP?
Excuse me but do I have to put whole list here??

3.Favorite music genre/artist?
I mostly listen to movie soundtracks, rock and electronic
4.Marvel or DCMarvel (2012) Icon The Daily Caller Icon ultramini ?

5.Favorite High School Memory?
I didn't like it. That's pretty much everything I remember

6.What's your favorite show?
If we're talking about shows - not series - then It's Top Gear

7.Yaoi, Yuri, or niether?

8.Favorite childhood cartoon?

9.Who loves NOSTALGIA CRITIC!?:bademoticon: Dance dance [NC]

10.Any rednecks and/or cowboys in your family (mine's completely made up of 'em!La Cactuar )?
Nah, no cowboys in Europe

11.#1 Fandom?    
TF2 at the moment

12.Favorite Character?

Seriously I have to many favourite characters, as well as too many OTPs ._.

13.Finally, How are you today Wink and Dimples ?

We Like To Party! (TF2 Chat Icon)

As always I'm too lazy to tag anyone so .. yea
  • Playing: TF2
  • Eating: Your mom


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